Hello from MarsCon!

So here I am at MarsCon, somewhere that I’ve never been before. It’s a little bit of a challenge for me. I’ve been to conventions alone before, but this is an especially bittersweet time for me. I was supposed to attend this year’s convention with a very dear friend, but she passed away quite suddenly last year. It’s hard. It’s so damned hard, and as much as I love being here, I hate it at the same time. T should have been here with me, trying on the wire elf ears, listening avidly at the panels, snickering later at the dudebros who’ve done the “well, actually…” bullshit, and generally just spending time together. I feel miserable about this, but I’m trying not to let it get to me too much.

So here I am! I’ve gotten to see two of my favorite writers ever, I got a few books signed, and I am now the proud owner of the aforementioned wire elf ears. I’ve been eyeballing them for at least three conventions now, and I decided to take the plunge today. I may have purchased two pairs.

I definitely purchased two pairs.


It’s a good time, and I’d like to come back to this convention next year, perhaps, but hopefully I’ll have someone to come with me. Or else, be more comfortable with the solo experience. If you’re ever able to attend, do so! It’s a small convention, but it’s definitely one that’s built with a great deal of love from the people running the show.

3 thoughts on “Hello from MarsCon!

  1. Since I can’t give you a real hug, you can go find the guys at the Fortress Publishing table and tell them I sent you if you need one. Even if you’re not keen on hugs from wacky authors you don’t know, I promise they will at least put a smile on your face. ❤

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