Book Review: Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch

So here it is,  book 3 of the Peter Grant / Rivers of London series. This is the book that temporarily derailed a friend of mine from the series, so I wasn’t entirely sure how things were going to go for me. This friend and I have similar tastes, so I will admit to being a bit concerned. Nevertheless, I plunged in.

I do have to say that this book was a little better than I had anticipated. Which is a great thing. I’m still a little leery of Aaronovitch and his very male cast of characters. Stephanopoulos being more in the thick of things was a nice move. Further, I am rather fascinated with Lady Ty and what, precisely, she does. What is she responsible for, within her mother’s court? What’s her role?

Cut because I care. There might be spoilers.I enjoyed the expansion of Peter’s London. However, the introduction of the Quiet People raises a lot of questions for myself. If Nightingale didn’t know about this group, then what the hell else doesn’t he know? I can easily buy that Peter hadn’t found out anything about an entire society that lives beneath the city, but why didn’t the Folly have any idea? Or is there a file somewhere that Nightingale just hadn’t stumbled across? I’m going to assume that there must have been some record, but with England’s magical force being so weakened, there were other things that took priority.

Despite my (extremely weak) need to really slow down and not devour the entire series in one gulp, I’ve moved on to Broken Homes. Will I manage to slow down? Will I keep up with my unofficial resolution to Review All of the Things? Who knows!


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