The Wheels on the Justice System Go Round and Round

Guess who’s got jury duty?

Time for an interesting fact about me: counting today, I’ve been called down to the courthouse for jury selection exactly three times in my life.

I am in the process of serving on my third jury.

And so, this is why there is a brief pause in my usual offering of vaguely snarky media commentary and book reviews. Fret not, that’s all coming back as soon as I can 1) catch up on the shows I’ve been missing and 2) finish reading a damned book for once.

Something about yours truly must either really appeal to attorneys or just fail to offend them enough to send me on my way. I’ve joked to my friends that I have some kind of weird curse/blessing. It’s as if my fairy godparent came down and stood over my crib, then decided that instead of a more useful blessing, they decided to curse/gift me with having to serve on every single jury that I would ever possibly be considered for. Least useful blessing ever, or possibly the lamest curse in the history.

I jest, but I genuinely don’t mind doing this. Trial by jury is an integral part of the legal process. I am, however, in the really odd position of being able to compare various courts and the accommodations that are made for jurors.

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Book Review: The Wiccan Wheel Mysteries by Jennifer David Hesse

Well, okay. This isn’t a proper review, exactly. It’s more like my overall thoughts on the first three books in this new-to-me cozy series.

But first, let me chat with you about cozies. If you’re unfamiliar with the term, just visit this website and the answer to almost any question that you might have is likely here. In short, a cozy mystery lacks gratuitous scenes of bloody murder, features a usually quirky, always likeable protagonist, who also happens to be an amateur detective, and things are wrapped up by the end of the book. There’s almost always some kind of theme that ties the series together — maybe the protag owns a bookshop (which seems to be really popular) or a bakery. Perhaps she Does Scrapbooking, or is active in her church. These are all themes that I’ve found, by the way.

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Revisiting Neptune Part 2: A Short Review of the Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars as a film shouldn’t really have worked. In some ways, it did. But in other ways…well. If you’re already a fan of the show, then you already know what you’re getting yourself into. When I watched this movie the first time, after it was originally released, I was simply delighted to get more time with my favorite tiny, blonde detective. Who doesn’t like getting together with old friends?

The movie holds up pretty well on subsequent viewings. I’m so mad, though.

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Revisiting Neptune: An Extremely Short Review of Veronica Mars, Seasons 1-3

In the past few weeks, I performed a magnificently lazy feat: I re-binged all three currently existing seasons of Veronica Mars. I came to the Veronica party a little late. I caught a few episodes when season three was airing, and it was enough to make me want to go back to the beginning. I acquired the series on DVD, watched it eagerly, and then entered a new chamber of Television Purgatory. I already had a room, you see, because of Firefly, so I’m well acquainted with the place. The Veronica Mars movie and subsequent novels were nice additions to the series, and I’ll be revisiting those soon. But this is about the original show.

If you’re a fan of the show, you probably already know that Hulu’s reviving the series in a somewhat limited fashion. This being 2019, of course, “limited” is a relative term. If the show does well, I can see Hulu trying to work out a deal for further episodes. And I really, really want to see it succeed on the financial scale that will convince Hulu to keep the train rolling, if they can work out a deal with Thomas, Bell, and everyone else involved.

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